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Reassurance for You and Your Business
PEPS Executive Protection provides a range of Public Security services that primarily protect people in business, and the assets and profit margin of their businesses.

Our Executive Protection services employ investigative skills and advanced technology, including: covert tracking, security cameras and surveillance equipment.

Find out how PEPS can protect you, your business assets and your profit margin. Simply complete our Enquiry Form.

Extended Services:

  • Threat assessments.
  • Consulting on reducing business loss and erosion of margin.
  • Consulting on internal employee fraud, theft, and loss prevention to protect your business assets.
  • Consulting on preventative action against business compensation law suits.
  • Consulting on close protection services (protective bodyguard).
  • Consulting on the aspects of hostage negotiations and hostage survival.
  • Consulting on security staff for business, social or sports events.
  • Consulting on customer courtesy – handling an irate customer (verbal judo).

For further information, simply complete our Enquiry Form.

Don’t Settle For 2nd Best, Just Hire PEPS And We’ll Do The Rest for All Your Private Investigator Needs

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Need a Private Investigator in Europe, Ireland or the United States?

A Private Investigator is Available For You,

When a Crime or Unjust Situation

Has Been Committed Against

YOU or Someone You Know,

Leaving You Feeling

Desperate and Violated.

To Make Matters Worse, Conventional Law Enforcement

Sometimes Doesn’t Have Their Priorities Focused On Your Case.

Leaving You … Feeling Even More Helpless,

Knowing the Criminals Are Still Out There!

If This Is Your Situation, Don’t Stand For IT.

Call PEPS To Make A Change!

Our private investigators come to us from a variety of professions and backgrounds, but what unites them is their desire to obtain justice for each client. Private investigators handle criminal and civil cases at Personal Executive Protection Services (PEPS). Investigations are objective driven towards obtaining justice on your behalf.

With PEPS Private Investigators, you have a chance to take charge of your situation when nobody else will. Our confidential services allow you to take initiative and get the results you seek. You can feel confident that you are defending yourself against unlawful acts. It is all-possible by hiring our professional investigators.

PEPS confidential private investigator services team is uniquely qualified to detect, compile, give evidence and deal with any investigation. We are “out of the box” thinkers that will pursue a case until the client is satisfied and the case is closed. Our European and United States private investigator services include Civilian and Corporate Investigations, Threat Assessments, Surveillance, Event Security, Legal Investigations, Criminal Investigations, Personal Investigations, Accident Investigations, Business Investigations, Executive Protection and Personal Protection.

For example, medical malpractice and personal injury are on the rise through out the world and the economy today has taken an extreme turn for the worse. Individuals may not have the available to currency to retain an officier of the court. These officiers are not trained private investigator(s) and who may not have any training in these areas. PEPS Private Investigator(s) have extensive training in all of these areas and have been employed by associations to act as their investigative body.

For all your needs don’t be left in the dark or be given advice from someone who claims to be a private investigator.

Private Investigator Private Investigator Private Investigator

For immediate assistance, have a private investigator contact you today at: US Tel# 866-851-9149 | EU Tel# 353 (0) 85-125-2288


About PEPS

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PEPS Domestic & International Investigations

About PEPS: The Personal Executive Protection Services (PEPS) Philosophy

PEPS Private Investigator was formed to provide the highest quality investigations, related services, personal and executive protection services to our clients — and always in the strictest confidence.

Providing a wide range of specialized personal protection, executive protection, personal protection, static protection and training services to clients.

PEPS guarantees that every service we provide is unmatched in quality and professionalism.


Getting to Know PEPS

We like to forge strong relationships with our clients. To do that we must trust each other implicitly.

If we are to expect you to place your trust in us it is only natural that you should know about how we work and what we believe is important.

This and the following pages reveal biographical, ethical, organisational, and procedural information.

We hope you soon feel you are getting to know us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Why use PEPS products and services?

Quite simply, because of our experience.

PEPS has extensive training and real world personal protection, executive protection, personal protection, and security experience in special operations, and national and international investigations.


Our experienced investigators, operatives and security personnel are trained to the highest level and possess a high degree of personal integrity.

All of our security personnel maintain a smart appearance at all times, and provide the utmost professional service to our clients, again at all times.


PEPS Profile

About PEPSPEPS Investigations with over 25 Years Experience

PEPS Domestic & International Investigation Services offers civil and criminal investigation services, threat assessment, personal protection, close protection, event security, wedding security, legal investigations, surveillance, asset protection, executive protection, personal protection, drug testing, seminars, courses, training, child custody investigations, mobile surveillance, digital surveillance, corporate investigations, insurance fraud investigations, subrogation, activity checks, skip tracing, property and vehicle theft, pre-employment/background investigations, undercover operations, espionage countermeasures, and corporate security.



Private Investigations

Official Information

The information compiled here reflects the official records of PEPS.

This demonstrates the company’s conformity with legal standards in Europe and in the United States.


PEPS was formed in 2006. PEPS have an International parent company that itself was formed in 2004 and is registered in Ireland and the United States.


Companies Registration Office


  • Business Name: PEPSERVICE
  • Business Number: 333374
  • Registered: 14/06/2007
  • Tax Clearance Number: 09679139-00064r



  • Fully insured under european regulations.
  • Security Training Services and consultant on Narcotic matters to the private and public Sector.


Client Confidentiality – Code of Ethics

Confidentiality of identity of all our clients is the utmost importance.

PEPS extend to all their clients their total and unreserved commitment to maintaining complete client confidentiality.

We will never disclose any personal, business or sensitive information about any of our clients, their assets, concerns or interests under any circumstances.

PEPS shall at all times:
* Conduct all investigations and allied matters with integrity and within acceptable legal, professional and moral guidelines.
* Require a client’s undertaking that all information provided by members is for lawful use only.
* Require that all employees and others assisting in instruction of investigations abide by the Code of Ethics.
* Assist all regulatory and legal authorities when required to do so by law.
* Our professional investigators only serve in matters for which they are qualified and/or competent..
* Not misrepresent or exaggerate the activities and services offered by the PEPS.
* At all times protect the good reputation of the clients.
* Deal professionally in all matters with discretion, courtesy and confidentiality within ethical constraints.
* Not deny any professional services to any client for any reasons of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, sexual preference or national origin.
* Comply with the regulatory and legal requirements within their operational jurisdiction.

James Breletic, CEO of PEPS, Receives Award from the Security Institute of Ireland.



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Personal Executive Protection Services (PEPS) offers Executive ProtectionPersonal ProtectionAsset Protection, and Close Protection in Europe, Ireland, and the United States.

Executive Protection (EP) also known as Close Personal Protection or bodyguarding refers to security measures taken to ensure the safety of  people or other individuals who may be exposed to elevated personal risk because of their employment, celebrity status, wealth, associations or geographical location.

Asset protection is a set of legal techniques that protect assets of individuals and business entities from civil money judgments. The goal of all asset protection planning is to insulate assets from claims of creditors without concealment or tax evasion.


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