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Personal Protection

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Reassurance for You and Your Family in the United States, Ireland, and Europe
Personal Executive Protection Services (PEPS) offers Personal Protection and provides a range of Private Security services that primarily protect the individual, their home residence and their loved ones within.

The security and safety of you and your family begins with a PEPS assessment of your residence. This includes the assessment of alarms, flammables, lighting, locks, refuse, windows and accessibility to windows.

Why not take the first step now by requesting an assessment of your residence for security and safety of you and your family? Feel the peace of mind knowing you have a more secure future, simply complete our Enquiry Form.



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PEPS Private Investigation Services in Ireland, Europe, and the United States


PEPS has a dedicated team of investigations‘ officers with government, law enforcement and military backgrounds equipped to detect, compile, give evidence, and deal with any investigation.  James Breletic, CEO of PEPS, brings his vast knowledge and expertise with investigations to ensure success.

Our investigators are diligent, always think “outside the box”, and will pursue a case until they and or the client is satisfied and the case is closed.



Legal Investigations

Representing either:
• The client on behalf of the legal profession, or
• Solicitors and Barristers on behalf of the legal profession

Criminal Investigations

We work for you and/or your legal advisories on pursuing the following criminal offenses:
• Assault
• Battery
• Trespass
• Damage to property
• Homicide
• Burglary
• Kidnapping / Adduction
• Missing person – Locating missing loved ones, which would include children given up for adoption, run-a-ways, etc

Personal Investigations

• Injuries occurring in an establishment or someone’s property
• Medical malpractice
• Wrongful death
• Suicide investigations
• Personal injury surveillance – The surveillance of individuals whose claims a personal injury
• Child custody cases
• Property disputes
• Tracking and location of bad debtors
• Marital infidelity and cheating spouse
• Computer data recovery and collection, computer use tracking and history
• Investigative interviewing, court appearance and presenting evidence in court
• Serving civil papers

Accident Investigations

• Injury, theft or other alleged incident on the premises
• Motor vehicle accident claims involving damage to property of individuals
• Accidental death (while operating machinery, on vacation, and in the work place)
• Working in conjunction with insurance companies, proprietors or private individuals where accidents (personal injury / automobile) have occurred
• In-depth interviews of witnesses and injured parties and taking detailed statements
• Investigative interviewing of witnesses, obtaining statements from individuals, conducting surveillance in order to piece together the information, and ensure that any liability claims come to a quick resolution
• Video and digital recordings of accident scenes

Business Investigations

• Threats to clients’ premises or to establishment’s personnel.
• Injury and or theft (shoplifting and internal theft) or other alleged incidents on the premises.
• Threat assessment services. – Assessment of threats, which reduce business loss and erosion of margin.
• Loss prevention assessment services. – Internal employee fraud or theft, loss prevention, protecting bottom line and profit margin.
• Security breaches, which include alarms, locks, policies and procedures, risk assessment, safety statements, and policy review.
• Preventative action against business compensation law suits.
• Retail industry and customer services – Protecting and promoting your business by ensuring the customer courtessy, efficiency, and honesty of your management and staff members.
• Background checks – For potential business partners, employees, and tenants
• Company and corporate financial checks
• Corporate investigations of industrial espionage
• Debt collection and debt reduction
• Misconduct of members, employees, or associates
• Liaison and representation between the businessman and Garda Siochana, courts and solicitors.

For further information, simply complete our Enquiry Form or contact Personal Executive Protection Services (PEPS) directly.

About PEPS

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PEPS Domestic & International Investigations

About PEPS: The Personal Executive Protection Services (PEPS) Philosophy

PEPS Private Investigator was formed to provide the highest quality investigations, related services, personal and executive protection services to our clients — and always in the strictest confidence.

Providing a wide range of specialized personal protection, executive protection, personal protection, static protection and training services to clients.

PEPS guarantees that every service we provide is unmatched in quality and professionalism.


Getting to Know PEPS

We like to forge strong relationships with our clients. To do that we must trust each other implicitly.

If we are to expect you to place your trust in us it is only natural that you should know about how we work and what we believe is important.

This and the following pages reveal biographical, ethical, organisational, and procedural information.

We hope you soon feel you are getting to know us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Why use PEPS products and services?

Quite simply, because of our experience.

PEPS has extensive training and real world personal protection, executive protection, personal protection, and security experience in special operations, and national and international investigations.


Our experienced investigators, operatives and security personnel are trained to the highest level and possess a high degree of personal integrity.

All of our security personnel maintain a smart appearance at all times, and provide the utmost professional service to our clients, again at all times.


PEPS Profile

About PEPSPEPS Investigations with over 25 Years Experience

PEPS Domestic & International Investigation Services offers civil and criminal investigation services, threat assessment, personal protection, close protection, event security, wedding security, legal investigations, surveillance, asset protection, executive protection, personal protection, drug testing, seminars, courses, training, child custody investigations, mobile surveillance, digital surveillance, corporate investigations, insurance fraud investigations, subrogation, activity checks, skip tracing, property and vehicle theft, pre-employment/background investigations, undercover operations, espionage countermeasures, and corporate security.



Private Investigations

Official Information

The information compiled here reflects the official records of PEPS.

This demonstrates the company’s conformity with legal standards in Europe and in the United States.


PEPS was formed in 2006. PEPS have an International parent company that itself was formed in 2004 and is registered in Ireland and the United States.


Companies Registration Office


  • Business Name: PEPSERVICE
  • Business Number: 333374
  • Registered: 14/06/2007
  • Tax Clearance Number: 09679139-00064r



  • Fully insured under european regulations.
  • Security Training Services and consultant on Narcotic matters to the private and public Sector.


Client Confidentiality – Code of Ethics

Confidentiality of identity of all our clients is the utmost importance.

PEPS extend to all their clients their total and unreserved commitment to maintaining complete client confidentiality.

We will never disclose any personal, business or sensitive information about any of our clients, their assets, concerns or interests under any circumstances.

PEPS shall at all times:
* Conduct all investigations and allied matters with integrity and within acceptable legal, professional and moral guidelines.
* Require a client’s undertaking that all information provided by members is for lawful use only.
* Require that all employees and others assisting in instruction of investigations abide by the Code of Ethics.
* Assist all regulatory and legal authorities when required to do so by law.
* Our professional investigators only serve in matters for which they are qualified and/or competent..
* Not misrepresent or exaggerate the activities and services offered by the PEPS.
* At all times protect the good reputation of the clients.
* Deal professionally in all matters with discretion, courtesy and confidentiality within ethical constraints.
* Not deny any professional services to any client for any reasons of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, sexual preference or national origin.
* Comply with the regulatory and legal requirements within their operational jurisdiction.

James Breletic, CEO of PEPS, Receives Award from the Security Institute of Ireland.



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PEPS Domestic & International Investigative Consultation

PEPS Investigative Consultancy in Europe, Ireland, and the United States

The type of service you require and its implementation are customised to suit the situation to which they are applied. You can consult us today for professional expert security advice. Simply complete our Enquiry Form or call us for more information.

Consultancy — noun – The practice of giving expert advice within a particular field.”
Consultant — (from the Latin consultare means “to discuss” from which we also derive words such as consul and counsel) An expert or a professional who provides advice in a particular specific field or area of expertise and has a wide knowledge of the subject matter (such as security related matters).”

“PEPS conducted a security and self protection risk assessment for me prior to my visit to Napal. The information supplied was very useful and successful in helping me make my travel plans.  I found the company very professional, they spoke with me in a timely manner, and supplied me a telephone number for any emergency.  As professor at a University, I felt safer after learning the information that was supplied by PEPS and would highly recommend Personal Executive Protection Services (PEPS) for anyone who is traveling for business or pleasure.” L.H., Georgia, USA

PEPS performed risk assessment for client

Security Consultancy Services

Personal Executive Protection Services (PEPS) offers a range of consultancy services:

  • Appointment of Security Staff – For business, social or sports events
  • Hotel Risk Assessment
  • Personal Safety and Security Protection while Traveling
  • Computer Security Analysis, Technical Solutions, and System Security Protection
  • Business Management – Improving performance of organizations, through the analysis of existing business problems and development of future plans for improvement
  • Customer Courtesy – Handling irate customers
  • Customer Safety and Loss Prevention – Managing safety, health and security processes, and advising in all matters related to employee safety and health and your security needs
  • Strategic Planning for Wedding and Event Security
  • Other


Safeguarding Your Security

Each project is conducted on an individual basis, we DO NOT utilize a “cookie cutter” or “one size fits all” approach, and our clients’ confidentiality is central to our business.

Make a start today. Find out how we can help you to do things more securely. Simply complete our Enquiry Form.


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Event Security

Events & Gala Dinners

Security Operations Planning & Implementation

Personal Executive Protection Service can oversee the security of your event. We discretely keep a watchful eye on all staff and members of the public, and by ensuring that appropriate security is in place, thereby maintain safety at all times. We constantly monitor and control crowds. If required we place some of our operatives on site as members of staff, or as guests, to provide a constant presence.

All of our operatives possess strong people management and interpersonal communication skills. They have proven experience coupled with the ability to think fast and make split second decisions.

This means you, the client, are guaranteed peace of mind during the build-up and entire duration of your event.

Event Management Services

At P.E.P.S we pride ourselves on our International achievements, one being Security Operation Planners of “Major Events & Gala Dinners”.

We can cater to your individual needs, whatever the numbers, including the following:
• Cash Point Collection
• Crowd Control
• Fire & Safety Emergency Evacuation Procedures (EEP)
• Guest List
• Professional still and video photographer – on staff and available upon request
• Ticket Collection
• Traffic Control
• VIP Designated Area Control
• VIP (RV) – extraction from venue to a pre-arranged location

Security Operations

We have both the experience and the knowledge to help you from the early stages, making sure the planning and running of your “Event & Gala Dinner” will run smoothly from start to finish. The type of “Events & Gala Dinners” we do are:
• Company Seminar (European, or Overseas)
• Live TV Awards (Miss Universe)
• Gaming Events (Poker / Darts / Snooker, etc)
• Product Launch (Company presentation, or Fashion cat-walk)
• Wedding Shows

Your Event Security

These are just some examples, to give you an idea of what our “Event & Gala Dinner” Security Operations Planning & Implementation, is all about – you the client.

Please contact our office’s as early as possible during your planning – together we shall make your Event happen. Simply complete our Enquiry Form.


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Personal Executive Protection Services (PEPS) offers Asset protection in the United States, Europe, and Ireland

Assest protection consists of methods available to protect assets from liabilities arising elsewhere. It should not be confused with limiting liability, which concerns the ability to stop or constrain liability to the asset or activity from which it arises. Assets that are shielded from creditors by law are few (common examples include some home equity, certain retirement plans and interests in LLCs and limited partnerships (and even these are not always unreachable). Assets that are almost always unreachable are those to which one does not hold legal. In many cases it is possible to vest legal title to personal assets in a trust, an agent or a nominee, while retaining all the control of the assets. The goal of asset protection is similar to bankruptcy, and the two practice areas go hand-in-hand. When a debtor has none to few assets, the bankruptcy route is preferable. When the debtor has significant assets, asset protection may be the solution.


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Personal Executive Protection Services (PEPS) offers Executive ProtectionPersonal ProtectionAsset Protection, and Close Protection in Europe, Ireland, and the United States.

Executive Protection (EP) also known as Close Personal Protection or bodyguarding refers to security measures taken to ensure the safety of  people or other individuals who may be exposed to elevated personal risk because of their employment, celebrity status, wealth, associations or geographical location.

Asset protection is a set of legal techniques that protect assets of individuals and business entities from civil money judgments. The goal of all asset protection planning is to insulate assets from claims of creditors without concealment or tax evasion.


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