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Educating and Empowering with Seminars in Europe, Ireland, and the United States

Don’t let yourself become a victim!
PEPS Seminars enable anyone to anticipate and avoid threats, and reduce their vulnerability to security risks. We provide highly informative and practical seminars that are designed to enable individuals and businesses to better identify, anticipate and avoid threats, and thereby reduce and eliminate some security vulnerabilities.

PEPS award “Attendance Certificates” for those attending each of our seminars.


We currently accept bookings for the following seminars:
• Drug Awareness
• Personal Security
• For additional seminars, see below.

Seminars and Details

• Drug Awareness – Identification, prevention and elimination of drug abuse in the home, schools, workplace and social environments.
• Interpersonal Communication – Skills for dealing with the public and diverse ethnic groups.
• Personal Security – In your home/office and while traveling.
• Prevention of violence and sexual harassment in the work place
• Hostage Negotiations / Hostage Survival – Coping with a Tiger attack.
• Interview Techniques – Information gathering from victims, perpetrators and witnesses.

Drug Awareness – Course Content

Details of Drug Awareness Seminar:
In this course we wish to address the narcotics that are most prevalent in the work place in the Republic of Ireland:
• History of Drugs
• Types
• Effects
• Terminology / Street Names
• Signs and symptoms of usage
• Treatment options

Substance Abuse in the Workplace – The Facts

Incompatible with Business
People often think of substance abusers as being in a very narrow stereotypical group. However, the reality is quite different. Substance abuse can affect us all.

In the absence of statistics from the Irish workplace we look to our closest neighbour with very similar social behaviour attitudes, the United Kingdom. Substance abuse manifests itself in many areas of society but its effects are keenly felt by industry. The estimated cost of substance abuse to employers ranges from £ 11 billion to £ 16 billion annually in the UK alone – largely due to the fact that close to half of all industrial accidents are drug or alcohol related.

With over 70% of drug users currently in employment, most companies will have drug users on the payroll – which leads to persistent costs stemming from drug-related accidents, theft, illness, absenteeism, reduced productivity and poor quality of work.

Statistics published by the National Health Service in the UK confirm that drug users are 3.6 times more likely to injure themselves or others at work, and when they do, they are 5 times more likely to file a claim for compensation against their employer.

When coupled with the fact that they are 2.5 times more likely to have absences of 8 days or more, you can see why substance abuse is so incompatible with company activities.

It is important therefore, for companies to adopt the attitude that substance abuse is not a question of stigma for the business, but more a relatively common problem in society that needs monitoring and prevention wherever possible. This is achieved in the workplace by drug awareness training and drug policy development.

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