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Close Protection

Close Protection Services in the United States, Europe and Ireland

Private Executive Protection Services (PEPS) provide private and public security services to fulfil the needs of organisations, businesses and individuals.

The type of service you require and its implementation are customised to suit the situation to which they are applied.

Our extensive range of services are included in the following broad categories:

  • Close Protection
  • Personal Protection
  • Executive Protection


The Professional Edge

Today’s society with crime on the rise in Europe one needs to have an edge and be able to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Why risk everything when all you have to do is make a call? Let PEPS take the fear out of your travel and the threat of loved ones being harmed. We can provide a close protection operative, or as a Hollywood movie called it “Bodyguard”.

Extended Services:

  • Close protection services (protective bodyguard).
  • All bodyguards are fully trained.
    Communication to the highest level.
  • Covert surveillance equipment.
    Conflict management and resolution.
  • Emergency Vehicle Operation Course (EVOC)
    Evasive driving techniques.
  • Self-defense techniques.
  • First aid.


Reassurance for You and Your Family

PEPS Personal Protection provides a range of Private Security services that primarily protect the individual, their home residence and their loved ones within.

The security and safety of you and your family begins with a PEPS assessment of your residence. This includes the assessment of alarms, flammables, lighting, locks, refuse, windows and accessibility to windows.

Extended Services:

  • Reducing personal vulnerability.
  • Family security whilst travelling domestically or internationally.
  • Close protection services (protective bodyguard).

    Reassurance for You and Your Business

    PEPS Executive Protection provides a range of Public Security services that primarily protect people in business, and the assets and profit margin of their businesses.

    Our Executive Protection services employ investigative skills and advanced technology, including: covert tracking, security cameras and surveillance equipment.

    Extended Services:

    • Threat assessments.
    • Consulting on reducing business loss and erosion of margin.
    • Consulting on internal employee fraud, theft, and loss prevention to protect your business assets.
    • Consulting on preventative action against business compensation law suits.
    • Consulting on close protection services (protective bodyguard).
    • Consulting on the aspects of hostage negotiations and hostage survival.
    • Consulting on security staff for business, social or sports events.
    • Consulting on customer courtesy – handling an irate customer (verbal judo).

    Why not take the first step now by requesting an assessment of your residence for security and safety of you and your family? Feel the peace of mind knowing you have a more secure future, simply complete our Enquiry Form.

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