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Letters of Endorsement from Clients and Colleagues in Ireland, Europe, and the United States
These attestations are testimony to the high esteem that their authors hold for Private Executive Protection Services (PEPS); for their ethics, calibre and personal character, and for the skills, experience and abilities that they demonstrates and practices.

PEPS conducted a security and self protection risk assessment for me prior to my visit to Napal. The information supplied was very useful and successful in helping me make my travel plans. I found him very professional, he spoke with me in a timely manner, and supplied me a telephone number for an emergency As professor at a University, I felt safer after learning the information that was supplied by James and would highly recommend him and Personal Executive Protection Services for anyone who is traveling for business or pleasure.” L.H., Kennesaw, GA

Recently we were put in contact with PEPS and Mr. James Breletic, the CEO contacted us in reference to a trip that we were currently planning to take to Egypt.  Upon talking to Mr. Breletic, he gave information that helped us make a determination not to travel to Egypt at this present time.  Mr. Breletic was able to contact sources known to him that were within the Egypt region and where our travel plans would take place.  We were able to find out valuable information which aided in our decision not to go to the country at this time.  We would highly recommend Mr. Breletic for any security risk assessment or information that his company could provide for anyone traveling overseas or other countries.” Fred R., Pinelake, GA

I have known James Breletic for many years, as a Task Force Officer with the DEA Atlanta Office, and as the Deputy Chief of Clarkston (GA) Police Department. When I retired from DEA in August of 2010 I was the most senior DEA Street Agent within the southeast U.S. I also had the unique opportunity of training over 80,000 law enforcement officers during my tenure as the DEA Training Coordinator for GA, TN, NC & SC. So I know cops!

I was quite impressed at the professionalism he exhibited, as well as his dedication to assisting other officers and investigators succeed in their endeavors. He is loyal, knowledgeable, and very thorough. I would highly recommend James for any service he offers, knowing you would get the highest quality with the same degree of integrity.” S. Peterson, Retired Senior Special Agent of DEA, Atlanta, GA


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