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PEPS Private Investigation Services in Ireland, Europe, and the United States


PEPS has a dedicated team of investigations‘ officers with government, law enforcement and military backgrounds equipped to detect, compile, give evidence, and deal with any investigation.  James Breletic, CEO of PEPS, brings his vast knowledge and expertise with investigations to ensure success.

Our investigators are diligent, always think “outside the box”, and will pursue a case until they and or the client is satisfied and the case is closed.



Legal Investigations

Representing either:
• The client on behalf of the legal profession, or
• Solicitors and Barristers on behalf of the legal profession

Criminal Investigations

We work for you and/or your legal advisories on pursuing the following criminal offenses:
• Assault
• Battery
• Trespass
• Damage to property
• Homicide
• Burglary
• Kidnapping / Adduction
• Missing person – Locating missing loved ones, which would include children given up for adoption, run-a-ways, etc

Personal Investigations

• Injuries occurring in an establishment or someone’s property
• Medical malpractice
• Wrongful death
• Suicide investigations
• Personal injury surveillance – The surveillance of individuals whose claims a personal injury
• Child custody cases
• Property disputes
• Tracking and location of bad debtors
• Marital infidelity and cheating spouse
• Computer data recovery and collection, computer use tracking and history
• Investigative interviewing, court appearance and presenting evidence in court
• Serving civil papers

Accident Investigations

• Injury, theft or other alleged incident on the premises
• Motor vehicle accident claims involving damage to property of individuals
• Accidental death (while operating machinery, on vacation, and in the work place)
• Working in conjunction with insurance companies, proprietors or private individuals where accidents (personal injury / automobile) have occurred
• In-depth interviews of witnesses and injured parties and taking detailed statements
• Investigative interviewing of witnesses, obtaining statements from individuals, conducting surveillance in order to piece together the information, and ensure that any liability claims come to a quick resolution
• Video and digital recordings of accident scenes

Business Investigations

• Threats to clients’ premises or to establishment’s personnel.
• Injury and or theft (shoplifting and internal theft) or other alleged incidents on the premises.
• Threat assessment services. – Assessment of threats, which reduce business loss and erosion of margin.
• Loss prevention assessment services. – Internal employee fraud or theft, loss prevention, protecting bottom line and profit margin.
• Security breaches, which include alarms, locks, policies and procedures, risk assessment, safety statements, and policy review.
• Preventative action against business compensation law suits.
• Retail industry and customer services – Protecting and promoting your business by ensuring the customer courtessy, efficiency, and honesty of your management and staff members.
• Background checks – For potential business partners, employees, and tenants
• Company and corporate financial checks
• Corporate investigations of industrial espionage
• Debt collection and debt reduction
• Misconduct of members, employees, or associates
• Liaison and representation between the businessman and Garda Siochana, courts and solicitors.

For further information, simply complete our Enquiry Form or contact Personal Executive Protection Services (PEPS) directly.

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