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PEPS Domestic & International Investigative Consultation

PEPS Investigative Consultancy in Europe, Ireland, and the United States

The type of service you require and its implementation are customised to suit the situation to which they are applied. You can consult us today for professional expert security advice. Simply complete our Enquiry Form or call us for more information.

Consultancy — noun – The practice of giving expert advice within a particular field.”
Consultant — (from the Latin consultare means “to discuss” from which we also derive words such as consul and counsel) An expert or a professional who provides advice in a particular specific field or area of expertise and has a wide knowledge of the subject matter (such as security related matters).”

“PEPS conducted a security and self protection risk assessment for me prior to my visit to Napal. The information supplied was very useful and successful in helping me make my travel plans.  I found the company very professional, they spoke with me in a timely manner, and supplied me a telephone number for any emergency.  As professor at a University, I felt safer after learning the information that was supplied by PEPS and would highly recommend Personal Executive Protection Services (PEPS) for anyone who is traveling for business or pleasure.” L.H., Georgia, USA

PEPS performed risk assessment for client

Security Consultancy Services

Personal Executive Protection Services (PEPS) offers a range of consultancy services:

  • Appointment of Security Staff – For business, social or sports events
  • Hotel Risk Assessment
  • Personal Safety and Security Protection while Traveling
  • Computer Security Analysis, Technical Solutions, and System Security Protection
  • Business Management – Improving performance of organizations, through the analysis of existing business problems and development of future plans for improvement
  • Customer Courtesy – Handling irate customers
  • Customer Safety and Loss Prevention – Managing safety, health and security processes, and advising in all matters related to employee safety and health and your security needs
  • Strategic Planning for Wedding and Event Security
  • Other


Safeguarding Your Security

Each project is conducted on an individual basis, we DO NOT utilize a “cookie cutter” or “one size fits all” approach, and our clients’ confidentiality is central to our business.

Make a start today. Find out how we can help you to do things more securely. Simply complete our Enquiry Form.

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