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Your Wedding Day…Deserves to be Protected…

Count on PEPS Wedding Security Professionals to secure you and your guests on your most special day.

PEPS is fully licensed and insured providing high quality armed or unarmed personal protection security for you and your guests. Our guards are comprised full trained in bodyguard protection and all have a 100% professional appearance.

We have been securing the safety of guests and participants in remarkable weddings, parties and special events. Our guards will ensure that your special day is everything you ever dreamed it would be and relieve you of the worry associated with having valuables on display.

Why do you need Security at your Wedding?

A wedding attracts family and friends who shower a Bride and Groom with gifts of cash and other valuables. These gifts usually remain in a parked car for the ceremony but are brought out to the reception afterward. Thieves have been known to target the gifts left in cars or attempt to intercept guests on their way into the reception. There have been incidents of robbers actually stealing gifts from the church!


Everyone has seen the movie “Wedding Crashers”. In the movie, the wedding crashers were just out for fun and frivolity and to meet pretty bridesmaids. In real life, wedding crashers can compromise the security of your guests, wedding party and create a liability for your entire family.


One of the most requested services we provide is that of “professional babysitter” for that special relative who just can’t behave themselves in public. You know the one; drinks too much and starts a fight. Someone sees their “ex” with a new partner and starts a fight. Or fights could start for no good reason at all. Don’t be ashamed – every family has a member who needs a little extra help behaving.

Our mission is to alleviate as much stress and worry as possible; for not only the Bride but for her special guests as well. Just knowing that Security Professionals are on site will allow the Bride to relax and enjoy her invited guests, ensuring the success of your careful planning.

Our Wedding Security experts have years of training and experience in providing security for high-profile, high net worth clientele and their families in a wide range of situations including wedding security, bar and bat mitzva security, Quincentera security, prom party security, homecoming security and corporate / private party security.

Our attention to detail will guarantee a special day with spectacular memories that will last you a lifetime. Enjoy your day and leave the Security to us!

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