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Event Security

Events & Gala Dinners

Security Operations Planning & Implementation

Personal Executive Protection Service can oversee the security of your event. We discretely keep a watchful eye on all staff and members of the public, and by ensuring that appropriate security is in place, thereby maintain safety at all times. We constantly monitor and control crowds. If required we place some of our operatives on site as members of staff, or as guests, to provide a constant presence.

All of our operatives possess strong people management and interpersonal communication skills. They have proven experience coupled with the ability to think fast and make split second decisions.

This means you, the client, are guaranteed peace of mind during the build-up and entire duration of your event.

Event Management Services

At P.E.P.S we pride ourselves on our International achievements, one being Security Operation Planners of “Major Events & Gala Dinners”.

We can cater to your individual needs, whatever the numbers, including the following:
• Cash Point Collection
• Crowd Control
• Fire & Safety Emergency Evacuation Procedures (EEP)
• Guest List
• Professional still and video photographer – on staff and available upon request
• Ticket Collection
• Traffic Control
• VIP Designated Area Control
• VIP (RV) – extraction from venue to a pre-arranged location

Security Operations

We have both the experience and the knowledge to help you from the early stages, making sure the planning and running of your “Event & Gala Dinner” will run smoothly from start to finish. The type of “Events & Gala Dinners” we do are:
• Company Seminar (European, or Overseas)
• Live TV Awards (Miss Universe)
• Gaming Events (Poker / Darts / Snooker, etc)
• Product Launch (Company presentation, or Fashion cat-walk)
• Wedding Shows

Your Event Security

These are just some examples, to give you an idea of what our “Event & Gala Dinner” Security Operations Planning & Implementation, is all about – you the client.

Please contact our office’s as early as possible during your planning – together we shall make your Event happen. Simply complete our Enquiry Form.

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