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PEPS Drug Tests

Drug Testing for a Safer Environment

For A Safer Environment: Drug Seminars & Testing in Europe, Ireland, and the United States

Is your business free from the dangers of substance abuse? PEPS Drug Testing Services can ensure your members are protected. Employers and their employees need a work environment that is free from the dangers of substance abuse. PEPS can help you achieve a safe environment.

Any organisation, whether accademic, business, social, or sporting has a responsibility towards the welfare of its community. PEPS can help with problem identification, drug awareness and achieving a safer work environment.

Drug Awareness

Prevention Preferable
Remember that prevention is better than cure. With the right approach your business may never suffer the effects of substance abuse.

Monitoring and prevention of substance abuse is achieved in the workplace by drug awareness training, drug policy development, drug awareness seminars and drug testing.

Achieving a Safer Work Environment

A Practical Non-Invasive Solution
Employers and their employees need a work environment free from the dangers of substance abuse. PEPS is authorised to perform Environmental Drug testing. Environmental Drug testing means testing the environment rather than individuals. It is non-invasive and does not require consent whilst testing whether an environment is clean or toxic; that is, whether or not the environment is contaminated and consistent with illicit drug use.

We can carry out tests on areas and inanimate objects. For example; common areas, sports changing / locker rooms, vehicles, workstations, computers, and miscellaneous equipment. Our tests can be carried out in businesses as well as other establishments. For example; institutions, prisons, schools and universities.

Problem Identification

Monitoring Your Organisation
The media reminds us daily of the growing incidence of drug abuse. The effect of abuse by individuals adversely affects their job performance, their decision making and workplace safety.

It is important for companies to realise that substance abuse is not a stigma for the business, but a relatively common problem in society that needs monitoring and prevention wherever possible.

If you believe the people in your organisation may be suffering from the effects of substance abuse, do not hesitate to contact us. Take the first step today and learn how our Environmental Drug Testing and Narcotics Seminars can benefit your organisation. Contact Personal Executive Protection Services (PEPS) now. For further information, simply complete our Enquiry Form.

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